This sort of stuff occurs two or three times a day. Let me make a suggestion: when you come to a forum, read the rules, the faqs, the "how to post" threads, or the "before you make a query" threads.

Would you join a new church and fart during the sermon without first discovering that was the norm, and what people liked?

These are HTML pages. They eat whitespace. That makes code look like doo-doo. The way to avoid that is to use code tags. What are those? Duh! They are explained in every forum I've ever attended.

No one wants to read ugly, unindented code. If they don't want to read it, how can they help you? I'm going to put your code tags in this time, but I am not your mama. Grow up. Be polite. If you can be rude, I can be ruder. Take it to the bank.

After I put in the code tags, someome might want to help. I might, even, after I get over your unthoughtfulness.