This is what en_7123 is referring to:

I want someone to explain
linked list
(how building it ???)
(tracing for code ???)
This is way too generic, and by themselves those questions (a) don't make much sense, and (b) the sense they do make implies you haven't even tried. We're not going to write a whole treatise on linked lists just for you just because you can't find something on Google - and as well as the Wiki article I noticed further down the *first* page of results something that looked like it might be a beginner's tutorial. We will help you where you're stuck but not spoon-feed you. Programmers *need* to be more resourceful than to simply whine about not having their hands held - sorry if that offends you, but it's a fact when dealing with geeks. You have to try. If you don't want to try then you should give up programming because it's a difficult task and not suitable for everyone.

Font sizes are not meant to be abused as you did. Just type everything using the default font; it's not necessary to increase the size. Yes the site provides functions for that; I don't know why to be honest; you should ask shabbir why he provides functionality he doesn't want people to use. Anyway now you know, so just use plain text, and read the posting guidelines so you know for example about code blocks. Maybe if you have a *small* amount of text you want to emphasis then it could be worth using a *slightly* larger font and/or bold text, but increasing the font size to massive just results in less information on the page, so it's fairly pointless. And increasing the font size isn't going to make people answer you more readily; just leave the silly font abuse for the forums where teenage girls can fire lololololzzz0r, omgwtfbbq and other meaningless acronym drivel at each other.

What site are you moderator on?