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D2K Connectivity to Oracle 9i Over internet

Discussion in 'Database' started by dsinha1981, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. dsinha1981

    dsinha1981 New Member

    Dear All,

    We have a Oracle databse server in our domain. we are using ERP Application. All the clients have D2K Installed. All the clients are able to connect through LAN to Oracle Database Server. Now we want some users to connect our database and run the application throughout the internet, for that we have taken one Public IP and it is NATed with our oracle server. throughout the internet we are able to trace our server also but unable to connect the database.

    I Just want to know that any changes should be done in clients computer (TNSNAMES).
    to connect through Internet to use ERP Application.If possible please send a TNSNAMES.ora sample file which can be useful for connectivity. And the port which should be open for connectivity because we have installed A Hardware Firewall as well.

    Thanx In Advance...................

    You can directly reply also dsinha_universal@yahoo.com
  2. ssinha1972

    ssinha1972 New Member

    I to like to see!!!!!!!!
  3. ssinha1972

    ssinha1972 New Member

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