Because the saying "why reinvent the wheel" shows a lack of wanting to understand how things work and that your statisfied with the current ugly syntax of regex. If we never try to reinvent the wheel then we would never find better solutions to the same problem and programmers are problems solvers. The parser in question would one, read a directory for language definitions, two parse those files and convert then into an array and save them as either a txt file or a php file for performance, and then allow you to replace instances of the language in other files with what you what it to be. It would replace the confusing regex preg_match() and preg_replace() syntax with something that easier. I know using the dom extension would be great for xml but my parser would be for mark up languages in general like bbcodes, xml, and html. Thats what i want to make a php based matching function that easy to use and does not require the users of it to remember tedious signs and symbols for replacing and matching. If I can get it working at a good enough speed I might make it a php extension, I'm using C pattern matching source code as a start point since C and php share similar functions. If you have any ideas it would greatly be appreciated in helping me with the pattern matching/string matching program using php string fucntions.