CSS or Tables

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Do you use CSS or Tables. CSS is the newest technology alowing you to control the HTML. The CSS is used in layers (divs) which allows you to combine the functions of HTMl & DHTML in some easy to read non complicated code.

So what do you use CSS or tables?
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Mostly tables, because different browsers display the CSS divs differently, and moreover Table gives you more flexibility over your design.
What do you say?
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I would use both. I use CSS for making the layout dynamic and it has an added benefit of reducing the code. Say I have 10 tables to apply the same style. Definitely moving the style to CSS is better.

Also if I have CSS I can move around with the main content of the site.
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I use CSS to get all the fonts, colors, effects. And use divs to make different areas of the page. I use tables only when I have to because it creates lots of code which can easily bedone differently.
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I always CSS and divs. I only use tables when I have to. Which is very rare. I like my code to be valid.