The site is now bridged with Joomla software, and the forum is using SMF. I'm trying to create an online community/integrated services website, I now offer @crud3w4re.com email addresses, I am earning a few dollars a day adsense revenue, and a really great amount per click. I re-added adsense a few hours ago, 2 clicks made us $1.94. The site is a bit sloppy right now, and I haven't the funds to contract pro development teams I'm offering two options:

Pay you for each job - Sorry, we currently don't use paypal, so if you'll accept another method, then ok


Join the staff, earn revenue, and do some stuff part time - At your leisure.

I'm willing to [and I have] spend my own money to develop my site, I really want it to become fun, and interesting. The main idea is anti-niche, anything really goes with my site. I want to attract and keep traffic coming back, that's the main focus here. It looks sloppy because the SMF bridge with Joomla messed with a few modules, but it's slowly getting better and better. Nothing wrong with open source, but hopefully I can have some unique content created, the OS is just a replacement for what I really want.

Pm me or reply tc