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 If youre calling ur Computer company, saying ur ram has gone bad, and
 its in warrenty, they will send you the new part, 
and they will ask u to return the original part and just as 
a security they will as you to give your CC number so if you dont send the existing 
part back, they will charge it.
Companies which are replacing parts under warranty would rather ask for serial number of your ram or whatever part you want replaced so that they can check if it's under warranty .But even in case they do ask your cc number (which I'm sure that they don't) like when you pay your phone bill by calling customer care they ask you for not only your credit card number but also date of birth and other personal info like billing address .

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So there is no way of fooling these people unless you have complete info.
Usually people try to get credit card info by trying hacking database of banks or man in middle attacks or phising or something as simple as installing key loggers in a computer used at a public place like libraries cyber cafe.Do not try to fool along with credit card numbers if you do something illegal banks are very sensitive to all this as it harms there business and reputation so they deal with it with harsh punishments.But it's a free country we live in so follow your own heart.
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Originally Posted by XXxxImmortalxxXX View Post
Well think about it will someone really make a credit card generator and post it on the internet? i mean come on lol

But yes it is possible to make one ive seen it myself and it had actually worked we then destroyed it.

If such is cought on the internet and on ur pc the FBI will come to ur house in a matter of seconds
not in ma country
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i want to know how to hack credit cards..is that possible?
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Pls make me understand first the basics of a credit card. then we will come to the question of hacking it.

1. The issuing company: Can be a bank, automobile company, etc., Again there are hundreds of banks world wide that issue cc as well as other cos too...

2. The credit card no: Card number - The first digit on the credit card is the system number or Major Industry Identifier which identifies the industry which has issued the credit card.

The types of major industries listed are: 1-Airlines, 2-Airlines and other industry, 3-Travel and entertainment, 4-Banking and Financial, 5-Banking and Financial, 6-Merchandizing and banking, 7-Petroleum-8Telecommunication and other industry.
Again other details regarding the cc company like:AMEX/DINERS/MASTER/VISA/DISCOVER is present in the card no itself.

3. Card issue & expiry date: is in mm-yy format for both.

4. Name: Your name as printed on the card. Might be different from the one you had submitted while applying for it as it need not be 100% same to your name

5. CVV: Card Verification Value or Code (CVV or CVC) - This is a unique 3 digit no that is needed to additionally verify the authenticity while making a transaction.

Now if you could generate all the above possibilities accurately using a generator then you may be the king. Any deviation in any alphabet or no will make the transaction void.

For example I have a credit card from any Bank (Like Citi, HSBC, Stan Chart, etc.). Starts with no. 4. Is of either type: Master/Visa, etc., and has a unique CVV no on the reverse. You need to enter exactly all the details present on a real valid card for a transaction to be processed like online shopping, etc.,

If somehow (God only knows how) you get all the information correct by some trillion-zillion or infinite combination and are able to do some transaction -THAT WILL BE FRAUD under the LAW and you may be penalised severely-the severity will depend on the your country which you belong too.

So good luck. And if you have the time and resources to do it- carry on -and if you ever succeed in doing a successful transaction- however small that might be- pls let us know by this forum -we will hail you as a hero
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are you really sure..and i will like to chat with you in person there are many thing we can talk about
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i don't think so.if you use it well...
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i have used one of them
the generation of codes==crap & lame
but they do have some info about how to do carding.
and if u r in a state which does not have laws about hacking, u'll probably won't get caught!!
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Originally Posted by neo_vi View Post
There are lot of programs available on the net such as "Credit card generators". Will they really work, or just crap. I haven't used that anywhere. will i get caught when i use that??
See According to my opinion....
I dint find even 1 useful point and click programs when i was a script kiddie...I used to search for 'How to hack facebook Passwords' etc etc..
On the net all the time and also used to download some programs...
But none of them work for me...Instead they were infected with trojans,rootkits and what not...
So at my suggestion...
Make your own...
I started hacking for this only now according to me i am quite qualified with quite a vast knowledge of hacking....
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Yes this is against the rules...
Its not ethical hacking nor any programming related post....