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HI i wanna create a website with a .com ..Previously i design sites & upload it on free bannerless server .. But can any one tell me thoroughly step by step process how to get a website with a .com extension? suppose i design a website now where to start ?

1) Shud i register domain & buy the space too? or if i`ll regssiter a .com domain i`ll get space too??
2)How much the total expense that i`ll face in a year i need 200Mb space with a .com site including domain name , webspace & all ??
3)And i also want my sites to be on top of search engines ... if it contains charges i can pay but tell me how to SEO tooo ...

Kindly treat me as beginner & help me with this query coz i know nothing about a .com website ... Thanx
You can register domain names easily from the website xnynz for reliable coat.