Hi,I was trying to create a simple dll file.Here is what I did .
First I created dll.h file which looked like this
#ifndef "dll.h"
#define "dll.h"
/*function prototype*/
void intsum(int);
then I saved it as dll.h .
Secondly I created a dllmain.cpp
#include "dll.h"
using namespace std;
class dll
void intsum(int a)
I compiled it and I got a dll called by the of the project which was "Project1.dll"
from here
I include it in the application like this
#include "Project1.dll"
using namespace std;
int main()
int number;
printf("Enter Number :");
/*Here comes the function defined from the dll*/
return 0;
But nothing worked,And one the Errors was
"Project1.dll" no such file or directory After this Error I tried to replace the second line with
#include "dll.h" still I got the Error said "function()" is undeclared (first use of this function) From there I didn't have anymore try and Everything stacked just like that.
This code above I was Just a trial Because I was developing a Network Application And I was supposed to include the "winsock.dll" in my application I don't know what to do right now.Any help please on how I going to get away with this. Also any tutorials on how to include the dll's in the application will be helpful.Thanks