Create Shortcut Key To Open Terminal Window in Ubuntu

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As an advanced user all of us spend a lot of time on the terminal which is easier and allows more control on the task, so I was wondering how would it be to have a shortcut key to open the terminal window whenever we want, rather than navigating the menu or clicking some shortcut.

Ubuntu has a built-in tool for assigning keyboard shortcuts. Navigate to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts


Scroll and find where it says "Run a terminal", then click on the shortcut cloumn after which you should see "New accelerator...", now press the key combination you want to set as shortcut.

That's it, I created Ctrl+Alt+T as my shortcut for launching a terminal window. Enjoy!

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Good to know.
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Isn't there a default key assigned to it.

I remember to use Alt+F3 but that I'd assigned or it came originally that I don't remember
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There is no default shortcut key!