I know this sounds rude but I tried going to a few sites for help, I then somehow ended up in this site under google's engine.. so i need someone to help me constructing this program under c++

Basically, I want to design a program for my huge video collection... so i can share in my site instead of making like over 100 threads..

here is the layout of my program

so basically on the layout, this is how it works..

click on the select tab to use the jump menu then select which movies or series i want to choose from... so once i have selected the movie or series, it will direct me to the "click on one of the episode" so i will choose which episode for (e.g. jericho).. then once i clicked on the episode, it will generate the download link for me on the bottom which allows me to highlight it and copy to the browser..

does anyone here knows how to make this program? i just want someone to make the program for me so i can start inputing all the movies and series and links inside the program so user doesnt have to browse through all the threads to look for my collection..