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Hi, xpi0t0s
I think you've written a good article about How to create Antivirus software.
I have gain nice information by you.
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A computer is a necessary and important tool and equipment for getting things done these days. Because the popularity and functionality of the machines are phenomenal, it is not surprising that there are also as numerous viruses, threats and spasm that threaten to destroy and alter the computer systems. thats why we create Antivirus software.
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actually may just creatin a shredder wil be enough i hope (just an idea dude !)
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well i to think creating an antivirus is a hectic job.
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hello guys i also try
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Originally Posted by shabbir View Post
Architecturally the anti virus software is very difficult as you should be able to accommodate new viruses as and when they come.
thank you forgiving the information but ia wan tot know the intial what i want to learn to create a anti virus programm
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I would disagree that AV software is architecturally very difficult. All it needs to do is to check every file on the system against every virus in its database. That's very easy to do; the only complexity really is how to determine if a specific file has a specific virus, and even that is not difficult, you have to know how a virus works and what to look for. There are a couple of other things: you need to check for bootblock viruses, and if possible you should repair or otherwise quarantine the file, being careful not to compromise the user's system by detecting a false positive in a critical system file.
for each file F
  for each virus V
    does F contain V?
    yes: fix or quarantine, alert user
AVG currently has 2,974,423 virus definitions, and across drives C, E and Z I have nearly 450,000 files, not counting the files within archive/zip files. That's 1,338,490,350,000 individual checks it has to perform. That number can be reduced significantly as some viruses only infect some kinds of files, e.g. Excel viruses only need to be checked against .xls files, and some file types (.txt for example) cannot be infected.

AVG also provides a "resident shield" which attempts to detect viruses as they activate, which also helps decrease the amount of filesystem checking an AV program has to do.
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i think it is difficult to create a Good AV...
because except you must have a lot of viruses in database, you must can kill a virus process...
some virus is very hard to kill...
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Can you post your beta AV on some server plz, upload it and post a link plz. thx
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anyone plz mail me basics of creating an antivirus or some project idea for major project in java
it'll be really helpful
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