I found this forum through a Google search for my issue, so I apologize if what I'm about to ask is inappropriate or just something you guys wouldn't know anything about.

I have an old Iomega Ditto Easy 800 tape backup unit and some tapes from back in 1999 or so when I was using my dad's old piece of junk 75mhz running Win95 and a 4gb drive.
When I got my new computer a year or two later, it came with WinXp on it, which wouldn't recognize the drive or run the software properly.. I forget which.. but it just wouldn't work, even under the "legacy hardware wizard" or whatever it's called.

I searched online back then for weeks but couldn't find any solution, and I eventually forgot about it all and the unit and tapes I'd stored stuff on sat in a box..
Until recently, when I aquired a Win98 machine somebody was looking to discard and I managed to get the tape backup running and it seems to work fine with Win98, but...

I'm faced with a new issue, which is that I password protected all the backups on one tape, due to the files being nude photos of personal friends and numerous private IM conversations that I didn't want family members to view if they got curious, and lo and behold, after 6 years I've forgotten the password I used and if I wrote it down somewhere I have no idea where and it's probably long since been thrown away or something.

So I'm wondering if anybody here knows of a program or other method I could use to crack or bypass the password I put on there, or if anyone could perhaps direct me to another forum or website that would offer assistance, it would be much appreciated.

I searched on Iomega's support site but didn't bother posting there since even the most basic questions about the Ditto product line were all ignored.. likely because Iomega apparently sold the whole tape drive division or whatever off to some other company way back in 1999, and then that company went out of business or something.

Not sure what else to do at this point. :/

Again, thanks for your time, and any help.