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Hi to all.
I have a problem with Proface WinGP 2.7. Trial version can be downloaded from pro-face.com for free (registration needed) or hxxp://hw-escc.ho.com.ua/Files/WINGP26000.exe (114 Mb). Key-code: 7777-2333-5555 (asked during installation and this one accepted) but when I start the program after, it says that "Missing license key. Start the trial version?" (that lasts 3 hours). As I understand from a manual in some cases USB dongle is required. But our distributors don't sell theme.
The question is how i can identify the type of protection (IMHO, that isn't HASP) without a native dongle? Thanks
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i also need assistance i have a mike basin program dongle that has expired it includes a text file as a key which also shows the expiry date please help
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do you lose warranty if you do this?
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I have an orginal(Wibu -Box/Ru) Dongle,but
i want to use sofware Without dongle can you help me?
Best Regards.
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well sir the software name is avcs maxima wedding album software. It can't work without dongle. I want to crack the dongle plz mail me solution..gaurav.rghospital@gmail.com
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Dear all. I need crack for a software that uses an hardware key. I lost the key and the software house can't send my a new one for now, but I've urgent need to use the software.
The software is E-Prime:


downloadable with registration.

Anyone can help me please?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello can any one help me to Remove the dongle using my software in any system.

My software name is Booria Carpet Designer
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Actually i am working as technician in one of the oil based company.

I need a help about the Rosemount Tank Gauging Software.

The Rosemount Tank Gauging Software associated with two kind of softwares
Winsetup (this is testing, commissioning, configuration and troubleshooting radar tank gauge etc..)
WinOpi (this software is operator interface software)
this software has protected hard ware dongles

I having this software but i dont have hard ware liecense could you please kindly help to guide or provide crack for this software?

its more useful for me to train my self at home to become expert handling tank servers


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plz help me, i want to use Tyco WinTotal V4.9.03 which is protected by dongle key.