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The log in edgepro keeps giving an error: can't init API
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I've already said how to and it says how to in the instructions as well.

insert dongle
use edgepro11 (sentinel tab)
click browse and type a file name to save as .dng
click dump and solve

use SENTEMUL2007 to load .dng file
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the software simply checks if the dongle is physically present.
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I'm trying to emulate a Hasp Hardlock USB 1.12 dongle on a machine with Windows 7 64 bit. Note I used hasphl2010 to create a bin file but was unable to create a registry file. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have the dongle.

Kind regards,
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I need help to crack winplus32.This is News Prompting software, it will helps staff to onair news stories into screen, Normally it requires its own hardware which is called Xbox, it will connect with USB port out. than SDI, BNC or VGA out. (as per need). I have installed the winplus software, when i run this, it giving error (Prompting Disable.) .If i plug the hardware (XBOX) than it work. I need to make it workable without its own hardware(XBOX). It should be work with normal graphics card.

USB Drivers , PCI Drivers and screen shorts is attached.

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hi all. I have hypack 2010 original dongle. I want to take a dump of the dongle. Please tell me how to do that.