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calling someone a noob is pointless you was once a newb as well he only came here for help he didnt ask for sarcastic answers maybe you should edit your post and delete all that sarcasim

how would u like it if you went to a forum and wanted some help and some guys out of know where starts calling you newb and stuff.

You wouldnt like it would you
No, of course I wouldnt! It is just, I would not go to said forum and post such a outrageous question. This is more of a personal question to ask a friend or someone you trust that would give you a straight answer, knowledge behind that answer, and opinions on the question itself. Now let me ask you this, If I hadnt posted my answer, what would you answer. Just answer the question as you would, without opinions on other stated answers. Oh, and I am still a newbie, but I can guarantee you that I will never be a noob.
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