How could you? I thought this was a programming site meant for the production of applications so as to help the world of computers, not destroy it! You should only create applications for a good cause, and only for a bad cause if it is absolutely necessary. Whatever, you want have to worry about me getting on the site anymore anyway.
I'm out for good.

edit: On giving the matter more thought, I have evidently changed my mind about the site. I disagree strongly with the thoughts of someone who [destroys computers] for no reason. This is cracker attitude. That is also why I called this person a noob instead of a newbie. I agree that I was a newbie once. But, I disagree that I was a noob once. Noobs are people who have an interest only in being the hacker that normal society believes them to be, while newbies have an interest in expanding their knowledge about computers to meet the standards of other true hackers. A hackers intentions should only be negative when their reasons are serious. Crackers intentions are bad all the time, regardless of the reason. I give this person credit for including a programming language, this shows general interest. I merely ask that this person state a serious reason for why they would need such a virus, instead of just blurting out the word "virus" so that someone could easily mistake their intentions. I hope that clears up my opinions as to why I would post this kind of answer to that kind of question.

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