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Thanks for the reply and help, im guessing it gets a new random word every minute.

My question is what is the selected index, its different for every colour, so im guessing they all have there own one? or is that just the name of the variable that the random word is placed into?


Its ok i worked it out.
My next question is this:


yellow would be:


red would be


basically i must have the random word blanked out and have the user guess the letters one by one. If a letter is guessed thats in the word then that letter is reveled example:


I was thinking i could do it by having lots of if statments, saying if word.length() = 3
{cout<< "***";}

and so on for all the possibilites of the random words.

but im guessing there is a faster way, like:

"*" multiplied by word.length() so if word.length() was 5 then it would output *****
obviously this code isnt the real code but its just how i would visualise it.