Plz solve this 3 programs for me if possible.i m not able to get coding .
1. bool inside= !((x<left)||(x>right)||(y<top)|| (y>bottom));

2. bool no =
(ch[0])=='N'&& ch[1]=='0')||
(ch[0])=='n'&& ch[1]=='0')||
(ch[0])=='N'&& ch[1]=='0')||
(ch[0])=='n'&& ch[1]=='0');

3. given 1+3+....(2p-1)=p(square) for any integer p>=1. here i need a function which find out whether a given number is a perfect square. here i cant use array, nested looops, math functions and arithmetic operations except addition.

Plz Plz help me guys i really great full to u.
thanx for giving me ur precious time.