The idea of this assignment is that you learn by doing, not by posting the whole lot to a web forum and expecting someone else to do it for you. The questions are not difficult but are quite wordy so I can understand you feeling they are difficult just by their length. You can solve them just by taking them a step at a time.

Question 1. Have a look through your course notes and see if you can find
(a) a function, and
(b) some way to display output to the screen.

You have already been given the prototype for myHeader, so how do you convert a prototype to a function? (Hint: int main() { ... } is a function that might be prototyped int main(); -- but you don't normally need to prototype main.)

You have also been given the output that is wanted: a row of asterisks, your name and some other stuff. Can you think of a way to adapt the output statements you HAVE seen so that they will display this new output instead? At the very least you can have a guess at this.

Post what you've got after answering this and we'll move onto the next step. It doesn't necessarily matter if what you post is wrong; we can correct it if necessary.