Sorry, I guess I worded somethings incorrectly and am being misunderstood. Therefore I will repost my questions again. I finally compiled the Fruit 2.1 chess engine source without the makefile using the code::blocks IDE and the GNU GCC compiler. The executable runs fine, but I have some new questions that I hope others can answer.

A: The downloaded Fruit 2.1 chess engine source comes with an executable that runs much faster than the one I created with the GNU GCC compiler. Why is the executable I created so much slower? I have not modified the source files yet and I tried checking some of the speed optimizations in the GNU GCC compiler settings. The two programs
do exactly the same thing, but the one I created is much slower.

B: The downloaded Fruit 2.1 chess engine executable displays information on the "Arena GUI" (i.e. knodes/second, total nodes evaluated) that my executable does not. Why?

C: Do all commercial IDEs come with some special tools to get the most out of certain compilers? In other words are they able to fully optimize source code to create a better performing executable while those of us who use a free IDE like code::blocks cannot. If so, that is a major bummer because then I'll have to buy me an expensive IDE that can fully optimize and utilize certain c++ compilers.

Please remember that some of us don't the answers to these questions because we are just learning to program.