What errors did you get? I compiled it in Visual Studio 2008 and got no errors, just one warning about an unused variable temp.

Tried running it but I don't speak Macedonian so haven't got a clue what it says or is supposed to do. If the problem is not that you got compile errors but that the runtime behaviour differed from what you expected, what input did you give, and what output did you expect? Remember I can't see your screen or read your mind, so I need some other way of understanding what the problem is.

By the way you don't need to ask if you need to translate code into English. The answer is almost always going to be yes, unless by sheer chance you just happen to get someone who speaks the same language as you, but that's only likely to happen on a Macedonian-specific forum, not an international forum like Go4Expert. On international forums you can always safely assume the dominant language is English.