This is a duplicate thread of something I erroneously posted in the introduction forum. My apologies for the duplication, as I am new to this forum ...

I have just completed a course in data structures taught in c++. The text used was by Larry Nyhoff, ADT's, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++, 2nd edition. The book is copywrighted (c)2005.

Nyhoff has quite a bit of pre-written code in the book that is intended to be used verbatim for, say, constructing a binary dearch tree. However, one serious problem that I had thoughtout the course is that much of his code will not compile at all "as written". I am using MS Visual Studio 2008. I have no problem writing code of my own with this IDE, and have completed several other courses in c++ successfully with this IDE.

The non-compiling code snippets are fairly lengthy, so I will be happy to email the code to anyone at their request rather than post 300 some-odd lines of code on the forum.

My question is this: is it possible that Nyhoff was using some kind of outdated or non-iso compliant compiler when he wrote the book, or perhaps for a non-windows platform? Am I just an extremely bad typist in need of having my vision checked?

Last time I checked, the ISO standards for c++ haven't really changed since 2003 (and the book is (c) 2005). Nevertheless, most of his code of 75 to 100 lines in c++ will produce anywhere from 15 to 30 compile-time errors using Visual Studio 2008, many of which seem to be typographical in nature, such as "syntax error: identifier ostream" anytime I try to type his code snippets. Is anyone out there familiar with this problem?

I realize it is difficult to answer this question without actually seeing the code snippets themselves -- I will be happy to email some examples Nyhoff's non-compiling source code.

Thank you to all for any time spend responding to this.

Brent C