Do you want to use C or C++? I'm preparing an example, but I won't mix my code, such as you have done.

The use of "goto", while not evil, is indicative of a poorly thought out design. The use of "gets" is an invitation to having your program entirely clobbered by the inattentive or malicious user.

You also need to understand that case counts in C/C++. Obviously, if you've made an attempt to compile that, you have 2 tons of errors.

Move beyond laziness. Indulge in design and thought. If you can't expend that energy, I won't expend mine for you. Learn to format your code, put it in code tags, and clean unnecessary syntax errors such as the case issue. In other words, compile it and clean up all the errors you understand. After you clean up your code, repost it. Then I can perhaps presume you're serious about getting help.