Hi all

I have the following code

string line = (*aIt), line1, path;
					bool res;

					string::size_type i;
					i = line.find_last_of('\\');
					line1 = line.substr(0, i);
					i = line1.find_last_of('\\');
					line = line1.substr(i + 1, (line.length() - i));
					path = file + "\\" + line;
					res = CopyFile((LPCTSTR)line1.c_str(), (LPCTSTR)path.c_str(), ifExists); 
					cout << "\n" << GetLastError() << endl;
The problem is the call to CopyFile fails GetLastError outputs 2 after having a look at winerror.h I think it is a ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error. I assume that refers to the file to be copied. I don't know if I'm calling the function correctly. Any suggestions...please.