Hi all , i am troubling to convert a C++ script to PHP. (Not quite convert, but implement a way to read the data of a dbc file and return the rows as array..

This C++ script reads a so called World of warcraft *.dbc file and output its as CSV format. I don't want this, i want it to output it as an array so I can work with the array.

Im getting pretty desperate.. But i have no clue when working with streams, hex, bits and bytes in a file.

I will transfer $20 PayPal to the one who do it as a thank you.

What i want the PHP script's function to do:

- Open the DBC file.
- Get the header data and an array of rows wich contains the collumns of data.
- Maybe a PHP function like this:
PHP Code:
   $data dbctoarray($dbcfile); 
or more preferable a class.