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Ohh! then there is nothing called an exe file in Linux BTW
Yes that is true but it is irrelevant to the question I asked.My friend if you read my first post again I have clearly mentioned
How can I convert it into a setup program(to install on a windows based computer).Like any other setup program.
I merely replied to the question you asked that 'what compiler I was using' I never said that I am trying to have an exe file for linux.

Anyway let me re phrase my question I have a C program (maybe a screen saver) and I want to make a setup for it so that it can be distributed and installed ON A WINDOWS BOX.Can any one tell me how to go about it.
Also I have programmed in C on windows long time back on something called 'Turbo C' .Not sure if that was the compiler name that you expected. Does it also produce an exe file when you compile a c program.Thanks