Dear Experts,

I am stuck up with a piece of code, which I am not able to break. Could you kindly help me out.

I am trying to perform a string comparison between 2 variables, one defined as const TCHAR * and other defined as CS_CHAR, inside an Embedded SQL program in C++. My relevant code snippet is as below:

short CSQLBox::fnTest(const TCHAR *varInput)
  CS_CHAR szExtract;
  //szExtract variable is populated by Embedded SQL query

  //Do string comparison
  if(strcmp(szExtract, varInput)==0)
When I try to compile this code, the strcmp step is throwing an error "cannot convert parameter 1 from 'char' to 'const char *'".

I have tried typecasting parameter 1 as:
if(strcmp((const char*)szExtract, varInput)==0)
This way, the code compiles, but fails in runtime with unhandled exception error. I am unable to understand how to solve this issue.

Could anyone kindly offer me some suggestions.