Hi all,
I'm an engineering student from Italy and i'd be very glad if you help me in solving a very big problem.
First of all, i'm not expert at all in programming so, please don't insult me if i write something stupid
I'm doing my research thesis regarding optimal trasmission of image from a deep-space link; in order to do this i have to compress a raw image 8 bitperpixel (that is a matrix composed by numbers,no header, whose values go from 0 to 255) in an other format, in particular in JPEG2000, that is a .jpc file. This format has is own header, but we're not interested in this right now.
After the compression i have to protect the image witha parity check coder, in particular a LDPC coder. This coder already exist, and the problem is that, in input, it ONLY accepts a text file composed by a stream of '0' an '1', that is a bitstream.
The only way to make my testbed works is to take the jpc image, composed by a complex header and by data image, convert it into a bitstream, so in a binary stream composed only by '0' and '1' and save it in a text file.
is this problem solvable?? i'm desperate!
please somebody help me!
thank you all.

p.s. i posted this thread in the c++ topics because it's the only language that i know, but if anyone has other ideas, it would be very welcome.