Hello all. I have been trying to write a program that converts degrees fahrenheit to celsius.
The way I have the program written now when you hit run it will just calculate conversions up to the max_fahrenheit = 100. I want to be able to ask the person using the program to enter the number of conversions they want to see. I have put a text block around the code that asks for input below. I need to figure out how to take that input and give the user back the number of conversions they want. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
using namespace std;
int main()
    double celsius;
    int fahrenheit;
    const int far_value = 20;
    const int far_step = 4;
    int max_fahrenheit=100;
    int conversions;
    cout<<"This program is designed to convert values from fahrenheit to celsius\n"<<endl;
/*cout<<"Please enter the number of conversions\n"<<endl;
    fahrenheit = far_value;
    cout<< setiosflags(ios::showpoint)
        << setprecision(2);
    cout<< "\n Degrees       Degrees\n"
        << "Fahrenheit     Celsius\n\n";   
    while (fahrenheit <= max_fahrenheit)
          celsius =  (fahrenheit - 32.0) / (9.0/5.0);
          cout<< setw(5) << fahrenheit << fixed
              << setw(15)<< celsius << endl;
          fahrenheit = (fahrenheit + far_step);
      return 0;