I don't have that much experience in java, i'm only looking for at solution because some friends of my told me that java would be the most plausible solution.
But i can try to describe my project in details. I'm making a website where people can earn point for playing and registering for contests etc. But the contests are provided by a external site, and for me to give them their points, i have to be sure that they really have registered for the contest. Thats why i wan't to check the URL or content of the frame, to see when it changes to the confirmation page, that you get when you register. I have found 2 danish sites who have a similar system to what i want, it's www.komogvind.dk and www.lotsmorefree.com.
They actually use the same external website for their contest as I, but i can't quite figure out how they have done it.
I have tried with javascript, but of course you get permission denied, due to the cross-frame security thing. But if someone have a solution to the problem, or will make me the code, i'm willing to pay for a working script.