Connect ASP to MySQL

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What is correct?

I install on my server:
1. MyODBC-standard-3.51.8-win.exe
2. MyOLEDB3.exe

connessione = "Provider={MySQL};SERVER=;DB=shinedata;UI D=root;PWD=11041977;PORT=3306;"

connessione = "Provider=MySqlProv3.0;SERVER=localhost;Data Source=shinedata;User=root;Password=11041977"

connessione = "Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; Server=localhost; Database=shinedata; UID=root; PWD=11041977; Option=3"

connessione = "Driver={Mysql}; Server=localhost; Database=shinedata; UID=root; PWD=11041977;"

connessione = "Location=localhost;DB=shinedata;UID=root;PWD=1104 1977;PORT=3306 "

connessione = "Provider=MySQLProv;Location=<<localhost>>;Dat a Source=<<shinedata>>;USER ID=<<root>>;PASSWORD=<<11041977>>;option=3;port=33 06;"

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Hello Miku

Connection of ASP with MySQL database can be done and step by step to do that are listed in the articles listed below.

Thanks and hope it will help.
Shabbir Bhimani
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I found what I need
Thanks a lot.