Hello Gogas,

I am a student of the University of Advancing Technology, and I am currently participating in a class assignment where we are asked to browse certain programming forums and post a response to questions. I noticed your question and remembering that I was in your position not too long ago I thought I could give you some pointers on places to look when you are just getting started.

CProgramming.com/begin.html (A section devoted to beginners)
CPlusPlus.com (A database of information, as well as forums)
CodeGuru.com/forums (More forums)
3DBuzz.com (A website with video tutorials, I found this one particularly helpful)

C++ for Dummies (As mentioned above)
C++ How to Program (This is the textbook we are using for class, very helpful)
Beginning C++ (I have heard good things about, though I haven't read it myself)

I hope that you find at least some of these resources useful. I know that I have.