compiling in visaul c++

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I m newly using visual microsoft c++ 2008. I want to use stand C++ in this IDE. But when ever I try to compile any code, it gives me some crazy errors which say that I must include stdafx.h.

Please suggest me how to get rid of this.
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I m pretty sure that u have tried to make a "win 32 console Application"... thr "stdafx.h" and "stdafx.cpp" are necessary files... In order to use visual c++ as a normal c++ IDE then navigate to:
File---->New. There in the "files" tab select the "C++ source file". Now, I hope u wnt be getting any "stdafx.h" related errors..
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stdafx.h is only required if you have specified "Use precompiled headers". If you don't want to include stdafx.h, uncheck that option. Project - Settings - C/C++, you'll find it somewhere under there.