hello experts,
in the following code after welcome(); is executed the program quits.
welcome function just has some text and an if statement so if op = instructions it displays some instructions else just enters
so when i press instruction in the welcome(); the fgets is ignored and so does not read in
help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
struct player
 char name[20];
 int score;


void welcome();
void rand_mines(char msweep[][]);
void printmatrix(char msweep[][],int r,char user_chart[][]);
int process(char msweep[][],int r,int c,char user_chart[][]);

void main()


char msweep[6][6] = {{'0'}};      
int var,row,column;  
char user_chart[6][6] = {{'0'}};
char user_name[20];

 printf("Enter Player Name : ");
// scanf("%c",user_name); // both input methods are not compiled


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