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Hello friends,
I am new to this community and i m facing problem while compiling/executing a c/c++
program from EditPlus3.0.I have made following settings in it

Menu text: Turbo C
Command: c:\tc\tcc.exe
Argument: -Ic:\tc\include -Lc:\tc\lib -n$(FileDir) $(FilePath)
Initial directory: c:\tc
Capture output: ON

but it still not showing the output!!
Can any1 help me
Hi Arun,

Setting Capture output : ON will not run the program which you have compiled. I hope your program is getting compiled. You will have to run the exe from the folder where your source file exists. Capture Output means, it will compile the src and show you the result within the edit plus window rather than poping out a command prompt window. Try the difference with this setting off. By the way, you can use Eclipse CDT (C/C++), it has got an excellent GUI and more feautes. You can download it from www.eclipse.org