I was able to resolve the earlier error just by including path of those informix7 libraries in my Makefile. But I am getting these errors related to some X windows system libraries. Even if I include these files in Makefile and copy these into current directory, on compiling it gives following linker errors:

Undefined first referenced
symbol in file
XwtexteditWidgetClass /project/abm/r8.0/lib/xultk.a(XuHelp.o)
XwTextClearBuffer /project/abm/r8.0/lib/xultk.a(XuHelp.o)
XwTextInsert /project/abm/r8.0/lib/xultk.a(XuHelp.o)
XwmenubuttonWidgetClass /project/abm/r8.0/lib/libXw.a(Primitive.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to saw
make: *** exit code 1 making saw

I am compiling it on Solaris 8. Please help me resolve these.