I got a CD from relatives with an MPEG file on it.

I tried too open it in Microsoft's Windows Media Player. But it gave this error

Clicking on this this Web Help button brought me to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...x?&id=C00D109B
which did't do a lick of good. According to Microsoft:
If you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed, the latest Windows Media audio and video codecs are included so you can play Windows Media filesWindows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media Video (WMV). If you have an older version of the Player, its codecs may not be up-to-date. To acquire the latest codecs, just set up the Player to download the codecs automatically by doing the following:
  1. In the Player, on the Tools tab, click Options.
  2. On the Player tab, select the Download codecs automatically check box.
Yeah, well that is a lie. I have all this and I have done all this. It does not automatically go out and get the latest codex.

Has anyone gotten this problem fixed?