I think you didn't understand my problem.
I don't want to perform a search in google. I want to perform a search within a website. I tried to put the hyperlink to the website ao you could see my problem but the forum here doesn't let me do it, so instead I instruct how to find the website I'm talking about: By searching in Google for
draftexpress search
and going to the first result there.
You would see what I'm talking about: there is an option to search players by their first name. In order to do so, you fill the name in the box("james" for example) and then click the "search" button. After you click it, you get directed to a new link with the results - but the new link's name doesn't contain anything like "james"... So I figured out the only way to make my program go to the new page is to make the program actually fill in "james", click the "search" button and then somehow get to the new page with the results. THE PROBLEM is I don't have any clue how to do it...

Thanks again...