Hey guys I just found this forum and hopefully can get a little help. I am taking a c++ course and have an assignment due this week that I need a little advice on. I will list the problem and my attempt. Thanks in advance!!!

I wanted to know if the constuctor is coded correctly considering the following problem. Also, since I need to declare the member functions could someone please give me an example of how to declare the function using the class Student.

The problem:
a) Construst a class named Student consisting of an integer student identification number,an array of five double precision grades,and an integer representing the total number of grades entered. The constructor for this class should initialize all Student data members to zero. Included in the class should be member functions to (1)enter a student id,(2)enter a single test grade and update the total number of grades entered,(3)compute an average grade and display the student ID followed by the average grade.

b) Include the class constructed in part a within the context of a complete program.Your program should declare two objects of type Student and accept and display data for the two objects to verify operation of the member functions.

using namespace std;
class Student
              int stidnum;
              double grades[5];
              int totnumgrades;
             int studentid(int);
             double testgrade(double);
             double average(double);
Student::Student(int stidnum,double grades[5],int totnumgrades)    //constructor
       stidnum = 0;
double testgrade()
double average()
int main()
    return 0;