Hi, is it possible to make a CheckIN and CheckOUT systen via php & MySql?

I want to make for our Club a programm to get how many visitors we have and how long they stay. I alredy have one, but it is in access and looks like sh...

The steps are simple:
1st: a visitor come and i press the male or female button
2nd: then i type the name an email in a formular
3th: i give the person a locker number. done.

When the visitor want to go home:
4th: i press the button checkOUT
5th: and then the locker number.
thats it.

now i want a extra button that show me how many visitors we have
- today
- yesterdy
- last week
- last month
- last year

hope you all undestand what i mean cause my english is not so good.

best regards