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Checking the links is very simple. Go to the search query of any search engine and type

link: main URL of the website.

Every search engine having different criteria to approve the backlinks. Google shows only do-follow backlinks.
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Originally Posted by isismedia View Post
How to check back links with URLs?
I am not sure I understand the question. It is the "with URLs" part I don't understand so I will answer it as "How to check back links".
For your own site I would advise Google Webmaster Tools. This is because if you are looking to rank with Google then the only links that really matter are the ones that Google can find.
If you want to look at the links to other sites, then there is free and paid software available.
The free versions are limited but still useful, such as SEO Spyglass, Open Site Explorer and Backlinkwatch. I haven't used any paid options recently so can't comment on them except to say that generally they give the same information (as the free version) but allow you see more links.