This short 8 minute video is a great resource for job seekers in the IT industry! "How to Build Your Career in Information Technology," is a Q&A is conducted by Chris Pirillo and Chris Pitre.


About Chris Pirillo: Thought leader, famous tech geek and social media enthusiast He has founded a number of projects such as Lockergnome, a well-known content publishing network, community for geeks and personal blog.

About Idea: Technology solutions company that delivers multiple solutions for organizations across four major practice areas: infrastructure, application services, customer support and mobile communications.

Where would you recommend someone start down that path of becoming an IT professional?
Would your recommend becoming super specialized in one area, or well rounded?
Does education end after the school day ends?
How is mobility important for an IT professional?
What are the needs and expectations of graduates entering the workforce in today’s market?
In terms of getting the best job, where would one start?
How can a graduate in IT build his/her personal brand?