I found this site 2 days back and loved it and have been reading and learning ever since.. I tried to learn sniffing first.. for that I chose 2 applications. ... ettercap and cain and abel..

I tried ettercap first in my ubuntu installation but it seemed to work only in the terminal and even then it gave me just garbage.. none of the responses made sense.. also the gtk version of ettercap would just hang up on saying, "starting sniffing" or somthing around the lines..

But my post here is about cain and abel.. I read the built in help and did according to their text.. here is what I did..

I went to the sniffer section and scanned for mac addresses, from config i chose, dont use promiscuous mode, then clicked on start sniffer and then start APR..

after that nothing seems to happen.. forget password sniffing I cant even sniff the sites I browse from my other test computer. at the bottom it just says "Lost packets: 0%"

P.S. I am connected to my router via wlan whereas my target test computer is connected via LAN cable

help plz