There is no differences b/w C and C++ . Actually C++ is a more UP level of C which actually made on the demand of OOPS concepts. C++ is nothing no identity it's totally made on the basis of C only.
C++ internally using only C code to represent one more level given to user.

Since in market, OOPS concept came very early than C++ like smalltalk, java etc. In market, in bussiness products based on OOPS, Manpower(fast released products, low cost of employees, low knowledge) is taking very less than product based on C(structured language). But on that time there were many products which are in C already. To maintain that syntax and C user easily adopt C++ , they made a langauge C++ which is totally made in C.

C++ has no more their identity. C++ has fixed pattern. But in C has more flexibility than C++.

ARABIC is like C.
URDU has no identity just copied script from ARABIC and speaking meaning from HINDI and some farsi.