C# with SQL [Window Forms Help]

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Hello Every C# PRogrammer and Others:

I need help in C# database programming. i need to save textbox text into table of c#
Here is code
// create command
         SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(@"server = .\sqlexpress;integrated security = true;database = office");
         string query = @"insert into emp('"+txtid.Text+"','"+txtname.Text+"','"+txtdesig.Text+"','"+txtsal.Text+"','"+txtjoin.Text+"','"+txtadd.Text+"','"+txtjoin.Text+"','"+txtcont.Text+"');";
         SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(query, conn);
This code is In Save Button:

but when i execute this always Getting Error: as incorrrect Syntex.

Any Help suggestion
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yes, you will get an error of Incorrect Syntax, because the Insert statement is not correct.

The correct syntax would be:
1] If you want to insert all values
"insert into emp values('"+txtid.Text+"','"+txtname.Text+"','"+txtdesig.Text+"','"+txtsal.Text+"','"+txtjoin.Text+"','"+txtadd.Text+"','"+txtjoin.Text+"','"+txtcont.Text+"');";
2] If you want to insert specific values
"insert into emp(id,name,desig,sal) values('"+txtid.Text+"','"+txtname.Text+"','"+txtdesig.Text+"','"+txtsal.Text+"');";
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Issue Solved THanks Mate: