Ongoing project :
currently I am developing a security surveillance system which accesses AXIS VIDEO ENCODERS and CAMERAS and displays the surveillance videos. AXIS company provides SDK so its easier to implement !

bt the problem is for example if I compile a program for 1 video~ 5 computers will access the camera/encoder to get the live view so 5pc's will generate a lot of traffic since Im using h.264 codec approximatly 1 PC needs ~264 KB of band width to view the video this is not good cuz I only told u 5 pc's but thr are more than 5 pc's !!! so if the program starts the network will be down !!!!

Now what I am trying is that 1 server should receive the live view and the server should generate the video I mean the server should multi cast so now there's only one link between the encoder ---- server -----client

client's will connect to the server and can view the liveview

Now my request is I aint asking any1 2 do this 4 me bt if you have any idea about this pls share

currently I am researching/ goggling on Port Forwarding/C# client server
like topics

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