c program

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write a C program
1) delare DEFAULT password for your PASSWORD MANAGER
2)you deide how muh is the tuition fee

Main menu
1) REGISTER( add new student, edit student info,main menu)
2)ACCOUNTING( tuition fee, main menu)
3)STUDENT(first name, family name,id num, address,units enroled)
4)PASSWORD MANAGER( enter password)
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OK, it's not difficult. How far have you got and where are you stuck? Do you understand the assignment?
An easy place to start is with the menu: display it and get some user input, then just validate and display what the user entered.
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what is the code you have written ?
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hi , to be honest i have no idea about program c, but i ll have to submit this one by monday , if you could write 4 me that would be nice of you
many thanks
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lol and do we get the credit as well?
If you have no idea about C then why do you think you should get anything but zero marks for the assignments?
Us doing your homework for you benefits you not one bit. You don't learn anything, and worse still the teacher doesn't realise you're in difficulties. So best start working hard if you want to get some points for this assignment. We'll help you get unstuck, but writing this program is YOUR job, not ours. If you're not interested, then you should talk to the teacher about dropping out of the course.