Hello frnds,
i know basic of C language,I read that frm YKanetkur' Let us C, i worked on turbo C compiler(16 bit) on win plateform,
i see many program written in C on net those were brute Force, ipspoofing tool nd pass decryption tool etc,
but when i saw those source code,
that was not understandble by me. Many thing i never saw nd read in book.
I know my knowledge is very short (I m in learning phase. I m student).
So i want to learn the C language on advance level with which i can make my tool itself,
so plz provide me some suggestion as which compiler should i use(4 winxp sp2) nd which books will be best,
if u will provide any e-book for me then it will be very apreciated,
special for Mr. Shabir whom provide the hacking resource those were so good,
plz give we suggestion.
sory for my english.
Waiting of all ur answer
Thank you.