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Hmm..seems like you have been carrying an anti-Google campaign within yourself lately
Not all, I am not "anti-Google" I am just realistic. They are in business to make money the same as I am

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This latest addition to the Web master tool will assist you in:
  • Organizing your links based on the date
  • Time taken for a placed link to get indexed
  • You can also keep a check on Negative SEO as you will be able to detect links that you have not worked on yet.
Hope this helps
How is organizing my links based on the date or knowing how long they take to get indexed actually going to help me, i.e. what can I do now that I have that information that I couldn't do before?
Regarding negative SEO, again I don't see how knowing the date a link was placed makes any difference. As I explained, I can track new links easily already by monitoring the "linking domains". The actual date they were added doesn't seem to me to make any difference, all I need to know is that they have been added since the last time I checked.

Don't get me wrong, in some ways the more data available the better, but I am just questioning how useful this really is and why it has been provided now. There are plenty of people waiting for the "link disavow" tool for example, and I would have thought that was a higher priority.